DJ Hazards Birthday Bash (Part 1)

I’m still trying to remember the details of this one.

I’m 99% sure it was 28th December 2002, definitely at Bar Academy, just like Part 2 & you know the usual suspects were in playing. Hazard, Escape, Devize, FuZion, MC’s Biggie & Accapello. I’m also pretty sure this was the night where Daft Punk or someone that big played at the academy & the Bar Academy event for H’s birthday bash was RAMMED.

Good night.

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UK Bass Radio

On this day (Well, near enough anyway) a start up radio station called UK Bass Radio broadcast its launch show. Little did the station owner, DJ Overload, along with DJ CJ know that their 3 listeners (Including parents) would eventually become a worldwide station & home for hundreds of listeners daily.

UK Bass became the home of the Deceptive Audio show in 2006.

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The Beginning of the End?


A bad day in history.

It’s just gone 4:10pm & I’m about to drop the third tune of my show, a Devize & Three A dub plate called Sherbet, when I notice something to my left. Dutche is banging the studio door trying to get my attention. When I look his way, he’s looking pretty frantic & pointing at the security monitor in the studio to my side. I see 2 police officers, a guy in plain clothes holding papers & a handheld battering ram winding up.

No time to think. Continue reading

FuZions Mix Down Hour – Ep. 1

Influenced by the Astro J mix down hour 3 years ago, just before I joined Kool FM, this week was the first of a new feature. The first show of each month was to start on usual territory for the first hour with the mix rolling out for the second hour of the show, a pure mix down only stopping in parts to give you the tracks played.

This same format I use in my latest Drum & Bass Seview Show, Mix Sessions.

Underground Central (Part 2)

Birminghams Underground Central got itself into a full flow back in 2000, throughout Jan & on 17th Feb 2000 I returned to the decks at The Gallery. This was my first (Lots of firsts at this point in my DnB history) gig out as a Kool FM DJ.

Hooking up with the 3D Mode crew, I had been spending time in the studio with Devize & cutting dubs. Here’s where I first dropped my first dub plate, Lansee, which became 3D Modes first release. I eve remember the day Devize came to the Kool studios for my show with a CD & asked me which tunes I wanted to cut. Still got the dub today.

The tune turned a few heads that night I tell ya!

On 24th Feb, Devize was representing the 3D Mode crew again. His show had a massive following & this night was highlighted by the Home Made 3D Glasses I made. A highlight for me at least, D thought I was a little mad but it raised a smile.

Good times ahead!

First Ever Live Radio Show


This is the day I played my very first live radio show on Kool FM.

Man I was nervous. Did I know how to talk in the mike? No. Was I fully proficient in the arts of mixing & beat matching? Questionable. Did I have the potential to grasp these? The Kool FM management seemed to think so.

It may have been the graveyard shift from 1am to 3am but with friends & family listening as well as people that I’d stood next to in the scene as ravers now becoming my listeners, I had to give everything I had. My cousin, being good mates with Threshold, text me after a particularly shaky mix telling me I’d broke his tune! Haha. I get there.

… Me? A DJ on Kool FM? Take that non-believers!

I may put the recording up one of the days. If I’m brave enough.

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