Therapy Sessions


Anger Management, Freak Recordings, Urban Disturbance & Tria Mera. True hard hitters come together on Saturday 25th October 2008 at the Rainbow Warehouse, Birmingham to deliver a nasty haloween line up.

Tearin up the night you’ve got: Dylan, Robyn Chaos, Future Signal, PCM, Phibes, Freenote & Tek-Prime, Aries, Escape, Pace, Jinx & FuZion B2B, Nursa & Opiate B2B, Boogie Dave, Slobodan & Didi. You’re looking at £5 for advance tickets.

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New Years Disturbance

Another year passes by so there’s naturally another selection of New Years raves to choose from. Lets be honest though, there’s only one choice.

Coming up for all your 2006 NY party needs, the Urban Disturbance team bring you another collection of the Midlands finest (We all say that don’t we) with DJ X, Boogie Dave, Badaboon, TNT, Vytol, Jinx, Phibes, FuZion & Grom.

Look out for Jinx joining the DCA studios for some radio exposure in 2007.