UK Bass Anniversary Night at the Paletine Bar

Following the weekend of celebrations last week, FutureShock setup a follow on party featuring DJ CJ, Overload, FuZion, FuturreShock, Ark Angel, Dimensions & MC Cliché.

Saturday 6th October 2012 is the date for your diary & the night is to be broadcast live on

The Official UK Bass Radio Podcast

The tech guys at UK Bass Radio have been working hard to get the official UK Bass podcast running & it is now live for you to subscribe to.

The first podcast has been pieced together by our very own DJ FuZion. The plan it so have a featured DJ each month so if you’ve not got round to getting to know any of the other DJ’s, this might be a nice intro for you.

The website is; & for those iTunes users out there can click the following link to subscribe & receive automatic updates [Old Link Removed].

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