Kool FM Reunion Party

Coming up on Friday 27th January 2012 is the long awaited Kool FM Midnalds Reunion Party @ The Rainbow Cellar Door & Court Yard, Birmingham, B12 0LD

Advanced tickets £6 or £10 on the door & £8 NUS. You get tickets from www.theticketssellers.co.uk.

Check out the Kool FM Midlands Facebook group for the crew & more. Continue reading Kool FM Reunion Party

Therapy Sessions

Anger Management, Freak Recordings, Urban Disturbance & Tria Mera. True hard hitters come together on Saturday 25th October 2008 at the Rainbow Warehouse, Birmingham to deliver a nasty haloween line up.

Tearin up the night you’ve got: Dylan, Robyn Chaos, Future Signal, PCM, Phibes, Freenote & Tek-Prime, Aries, Escape, Pace, Jinx & FuZion B2B, Nursa & Opiate B2B, Boogie Dave, Slobodan & Didi. You’re looking at £5 for advance tickets.

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DJ Hazards Birthday Bash (Part 2)

On Tuesday 30th December 2003, get your ass to Bar Academy, Dale End, Birmingham City Centre for thee event to end the year on. The Midlands based party will run from 8pm til 2am with DJs: Hazard, Escape, Devize, Karen G, FuZion, Phase 2, Pace, TNT, Vytol, Alpha, Konspiracy with MCs: Biggie, Accapello, Genuis, PM, Fila & Smilee.

Missed the last one? FREE entry at this time of year & you have no excuse.

You’ll probably miss new year celebrations.

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Pyrotechnic Blast (Part 3)

It’s already been 2 months since the crew last took over Pyro.

Well, here we go again. Devize, Three A, FuZion, Hazard, Escape, Karen G, Biggie & Accapello are about to cause a racket.

If you haven’t experienced the Midlands crew in full effect tune into Pyro on 25th September 2003, no times, we’re there all night.

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Pyrotechnic Radio Exclusive (Part 2)

We came, we played, we conquered…

Part 2 of the Pyrotechnic Radio special recently landed again with the Midlands crew storming the internet. Once again it was Three A, Karen G, Escape, Hazard, Devize & FuZion bustin your ears with 6 hours of pressure & all hosted be MCs Biggie & Accapello.

Maximum to everyone that tuned in, we will be back.

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Pyrotechnic Radio Exclusive (Part 1)

Pyrotechnic Radio recently hosted a live Midlands special.

The crew headed to london for a 6 hour marathon with Devize, Three A, FuZion, Hazard, Escape, Karen G, Biggie & Accapello.

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DJ Hazards Birthday Bash (Part 1)

I’m still trying to remember the details of this one.

I’m 99% sure it was 28th December 2002, definitely at Bar Academy, just like Part 2 & you know the usual suspects were in playing. Hazard, Escape, Devize, FuZion, MC’s Biggie & Accapello. I’m also pretty sure this was the night where Daft Punk or someone that big played at the academy & the Bar Academy event for H’s birthday bash was RAMMED.

Good night.

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Underground Central (Part 2)

Birminghams Underground Central got itself into a full flow back in 2000, throughout Jan & on 17th Feb 2000 I returned to the decks at The Gallery. This was my first (Lots of firsts at this point in my DnB history) gig out as a Kool FM DJ.

Hooking up with the 3D Mode crew, I had been spending time in the studio with Devize & cutting dubs. Here’s where I first dropped my first dub plate, Lansee, which became 3D Modes first release. I eve remember the day Devize came to the Kool studios for my show with a CD & asked me which tunes I wanted to cut. Still got the dub today.

The tune turned a few heads that night I tell ya!

On 24th Feb, Devize was representing the 3D Mode crew again. His show had a massive following & this night was highlighted by the Home Made 3D Glasses I made. A highlight for me at least, D thought I was a little mad but it raised a smile.

Good times ahead!