Amen BrotherIf you’ve checked out the Drum & Bass Review show from the start, you’ll have been through thousands of tracks, hundreds of artists, label spotlights, mix sessions, remixes, different genres & different stations.

Deep in the fabric of this has been a sample that’s so entwined in the music scene subconscious, that music may even sound different because of this one sample.

Episode 200 is a spotlight on that sample. You’ll need 200 minutes for this show & it’s the last Review Show too.


Ten Thousand!!!

The Drum & Bass Review ShowI honestly did not see this when dropping the first few episodes of the D&B review show. As of yesterday, the total plays on my SoundCloud page hit 10,000 plays. That’s absolutely immense!

In thanks, I’ve uploaded all of the A>Z sessions. Thanks for all your support around the world. Keep on playing.

Another Recap

Ep. 126 - Recap, Episodes 101 to 125We all know how time passes fast & the review show reminds us of this again and again. It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago was preparing episode 100, now it’s 126.

Also, we’ve begun to upload shows onto YouTube, feel free to head over there & subscribe. At some point in the future, all shows will be there & there’s also consideration for live shows, webcam style. Continue reading Another Recap

UK Bass Anniversary Night at the Paletine Bar

Following the weekend of celebrations last week, FutureShock setup a follow on party featuring DJ CJ, Overload, FuZion, FuturreShock, Ark Angel, Dimensions & MC Cliché.

Saturday 6th October 2012 is the date for your diary & the night is to be broadcast live on

UK Bass Radio 10th Anniversary Weekend

Anniversary Weekend

Coming up next weekend is a very special one for the UK Bass Radio family.

10 years is a long time & for the weekend starting 28th September 2012 we have laid out some top notch shows, exclusive guest mixes & back to back music to celebrate a decade of broadcasting. Continue reading UK Bass Radio 10th Anniversary Weekend